Death Before Dessert

A Vanessa Harrington Mystery

When she finds herself between jobs and out of her rented accommodation, Clara Harrington decides to take a break and stay with her beloved, yet eccentric aunt in the sleepy village of Picklemarsh, England.

Vanessa Harrington is an award-winning crime novelist with an impressive back catalogue. When it comes to crime, and murder, there’s not a lot that Vanessa doesn’t know.

Clara’s hope for peace and quiet is shattered when, on her first night at Chadwick Lodge, the local town councillor is murdered, falling face down into his dessert.

Finding herself in the middle of one of her books, Vanessa happily takes on the task of uncovering the murderer and drags Clara along with her.

Join the Harringtons as they investigate the murder, question suspects, and uncover that not all is as it seems in picturesque Picklemarsh.

Chapter One

“Tickets, please!”

Clara Harrington jumped at the bellowed request from the train conductor, who had suddenly appeared beside her. She looked along the empty carriage and wondered if it was really necessary for him to shout quite so loudly when she was the only person on board.

She lowered her book to her lap and dug her hand into her jeans pocket to seek out her ticket.

“That’s seen better days,” the conductor said, tilting his head towards Clara’s bike. The 1955 Rudge Ulster Tourist had indeed seen better days, but Clara had lovingly repaired it since it came into her possession five years ago. Installation of the new leather saddle and handlebar grips were something she took personal pride in.

She’d never considered herself a handy kind of person, but through the magic of YouTube and trial and error she had transformed the bike from scrap metal to a viable method of transportation.

“It’s just as good as any modern bike,” she informed the conductor, pulling her ticket out of her pocket and handing it to him.

He made a grand performance of checking it before validating it with his hand-held punch pliers.

“Picklemarsh, eh?” He handed her back the ticket.

“Yes.” Clara put the ticket back in her pocket. She picked up her book and hoped that would be an end to the conversation.

“Not many people stop there,” he said, obviously itching for more chitchat.

“Vanessa Harrington’s a force to reckon with”

“Interesting plot twists, overall story and character development were great. Comedic dialog was well placed and perfectly timed.”

– Reviewer

“Funny, witty read!”

– Reviewer

“A classic “whodunit” with humor thrown in for kicks!”

– Reviewer

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