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A change of language…

I’m making some changes to the language I use when talking about my books. Historically I have used the term “lesbian fiction” or “lesbian romance”. But, I’ve never been happy with those terms as they don’t feel very inclusive. For example, I am not a lesbian. I’m bisexual. And many of my characters are also bisexual, or pansexual, or something else entirely. Some have no label at all! I’m also aware that a lot of my readers don’t identify as lesbian either.

So, while all of my books are about women who love women… lesbian fiction isn’t the right term for that. Therefore I have made some changes and tweaked the strapline on all of my books from “best selling lesbian romance author” to “best selling romance author”. I’ve also gone through my website and started to use the terms F/F and WLW wherever I can. Of course, I’ll still be listing my books under lesbian romance on Amazon and other distributors as there are no suitable alternatives.

Now, please don’t fear, this doesn’t mean that I’m erasing lesbians. That would be a terrible idea as my wife is a lesbian and I’m rather fond of her. No, this is about using language that I feel is more inclusive and suits myself and my style of writing.

I’m aware that WLW and F/F aren’t necessarily the best, most inclusive terms to use either. But, for now, they will suffice and I hope you understand the reasons for this change.

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