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An update regarding COVID-19 and paperbacks

The current situation has impacted us all in ways we could never have imagined. I find myself considering my own business practices and asking myself if I need to make changes in light of COVID-19.

I found that the answer is yes, changes do need to be made.

My upcoming release, The Startling Inaccuracy of the First Impression, will only be released as an ebook initially with a paperback to follow in the future.

The reason for this is layered.

Firstly, I always check my print books by ordering a print proof from Amazon. Without this print proof, I cannot be certain that the quality of the design, formatting, and print meets my standards. I personally feel it would be a mistake to order print proof books from Amazon at this moment in time. I also feel strongly that having books printed and delivered at this time in general, would be a mistake.

Amazon are in a very difficult position where they must remain operational in order to dispatch vital equipment and items to both businesses and individuals. They need to ensure that their supply chains and warehouses are operational and yet safe for their employees. Ordering non-essentials now simply means more staff at Amazon need to work and potentially put themselves at risk. While a lot of Amazon processes are automated, I know that the book POD services and the picking and packing departments are predominantly non-automated. Personally, I can’t imagine working in a large warehouse right now and managing to keep a good social distance from all the other people working there.

On top of that, once the books leave Amazon they enter the postal service. Again, this service should only be delivering essential letters and packages at this time. Forcing postal workers to deliver non-essential items puts them at risk. I don’t think any of us would want to go door to door delivering items right now and those who do it should be kept safe where possible.

Because of this, I am also suspending my signed paperback sales.

I hope you understand why I have felt the need to take these measures, and I hope to be lifting these measures as soon as possible.

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