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Are you a Christmas Girl or a Humbug?

With just thirteen days until Christmas and two days until the general release of my festive sapphic Christmas romance Humbug, I know someone who would be very excited about now.

Ellie Pearce is known around the office as Christmas Girl. Her perma-Christmas fairy lights around the computer monitor, Santa Claus drinks coaster, and endless humming of festive tunes means that no one can be in any doubt of Ellie's favourite time of the year.

Rosalind Caldwell, the big boss of the recruitment agency where Ellie works, is quite the opposite. She hates the enforced traditions of the big day, not to mention the expectation that everyone is supposed to have the maximum amount of fun all day, no matter how they really feel.

When Rosalind's personal assistant leaves her in the lurch, she needs to find a replacement as soon as possible. But with weeks to go before the company Christmas party, she needs to ensure that person can pull together the event of the season with no snags. The Caldwell & Atkinson Christmas party is notorious throughout the industry. All eyes are on the firm to deliver bigger and better extravaganzas year after year.

There's only one person for the job—Christmas Girl. Rosalind doesn't even know her name but assumes that someone so Christmas crazy that they are in a year-round state of Christmas bliss must be the right person to whip a Christmas party into shape.

Ellie is not pleased when she is plucked away from her comfortable job on the second floor and whisked to the executive suite on the top floor of the office block. Not least because she has a terrible fear of heights. Things go from bad to worse when Ellie discovers the Christmas party planning is in tatters and she'll have to conjure up her own Christmas miracle if she's to succeed in hosting the perfect party.

Are you more Humbug or Christmas Girl? Personally, I do get swept along a little with the Christmas spirit each year. I'm not as obsessive as Ellie but who can resist a beautifully decorated tree, nights twinkling on a winter's evening, and, of course, the food!

Humbug is available now through Bold Strokes Books, available now as an audiobook, and released everywhere else on the 14th December.

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