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Cancelled trips and a charitable undertaking

It’s with a heavy heart that I’ve decided it’s best to cancel my tickets for the GCLS Conference this year. With the current health crisis still in full swing, I can’t see international travel being a wise thing to undertake in just under three months time. Especially when I consider that no travel insurance policy would currently cover me, and the UK Foreign Office recommends against any travel at all for an indefinite period.

However, while things haven’t quite gone to plan I am aware that I am very privileged. My situation has only somewhat worsened but I am aware that there are some authors who are finding themselves in serious financial need.

Because of this, I’ve made the decision to donate my GCLS conference costs, including international airfare, conference tickets, hotel accommodation etc, to sapphic fiction authors who are experiencing financial hardship due to the current Coronavirus crisis. My wife and Claire Highton-Stevenson have also kindly agreed to donate their own conference costs to the fund. It’s not a lot, but we all believe that every little helps.

If you’re a sapphic fiction author and you are in serious financial difficulty at the moment because of the current health crisis, please fill in the below form and let me know what your situation is and what you would need in order for us to be able to help you.

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If you’re lucky enough to be an author or a publisher who has also not been too badly affected by COVID-19 and could donate something then please get in touch with me!

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