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Coming soon… A Swedish Christmas Fairy Tale

In a few days I’ll be releasing my first ever Christmas novel, A Swedish Christmas Fairy Tale. Here’s a sneak peek at the description:

Amber Tate is about to lose her job at a London publishing house. And it’s nearly Christmas. Her boss gives her one last chance. Sadly, it’s the impossible task of obtaining the rights to the popular Lund Collection of fairy tales. The rights to the fairy tales are held by the author’s granddaughter, Emilia Lund, who lives a reclusive life in Sweden and has steadfastly refused to talk to anyone about the rights for the last several years. However, in order to convince her one and only friend that she can be sociable, Emilia agrees to invite Amber – under strict conditions – to the cosy setting of wintry Sweden. They both agree to this vital meeting for their own separate reasons. Except… things never pan out quite as planned, do they?

And if that isn’t enough for you, you can check out the product page where you can download the first chapter for free!

Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait much longer before this book is released. To make sure you are the first to know when it’s available, sign up to my mailing list!

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