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Coming soon… Second Chances

I’m happy to announce that I will be releasing my next novel, Second Chances, later in February. Here’s a look at the description…

Bad childhood memories start to resurface when Hannah Hall’s daughter Rosie begins school. To make matters more complicated, Hannah has been steadfastly ignoring the obvious truth that Rosie is intellectually gifted and wise beyond her years. In the crumbling old school she meets Rosie’s new teacher Alice Spencer who has moved from the city to teach in the small coastal town of Fairlight. Alice immediately sees Rosie’s potential and embarks on developing an educational curriculum to suit Rosie’s needs, to Hannah’s dismay. Teacher and mother clash over what’s best for young Rosie. Will they be able to compromise? Will Hannah finally open up to someone about her own damaged upbringing? And will they be able to ignore the sparks that fly whenever they are in the same room?
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