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Guess who's back?

Yes, it's me again with another new release. Or should I say a welcome back to an old friend?

As some of you know, my contract with my previous publisher ended at the start of the year and my debut novel Flight SQA016 was removed from sale. Luckily for me, my new publisher, Bold Strokes Books, was more than happy to bring this book back to the market and I'm very pleased to announce that they are also working on an audiobook version which will be released shortly.

The story is the same story that you know and love but we have tightened the editing up to reflect my current writing style and there's a fabulous new cover to tie it in with the rest of my books. I do like things to matchy matchy, don't you? ;)

If you're new to my books and new to Flight SQA016 then welcome to the beginning of my writing career and my international best-selling debut novel! This is where it all started for me with the first book in the three-book Flight series.


Emily White works an exhausting transatlantic schedule for Crown Airlines. Crippling debt means she spends more time in the air as a member of the first-class cabin crew than she does on the ground being a mother, and she desperately misses her young son.

Fastidious passenger Olivia Lewis is used to things being a certain way. When her routine is changed by this new, attractive member of the staff, she attempts to reach out to Emily. Unfortunately, Olivia is famous for her terrible social skills, and things quickly go oh-so-wrong.

When disaster strikes for her son, will Emily be able to swallow her pride and accept the assistance Olivia offers?


As with all my new releases at Bold Strokes Books, you can purchase this book right now (this very second!) from my publisher's website and for an exclusive two-week period before the book will be available worldwide.

Remember, if you spend more than $25 on the Bold Strokes store then use the code TEN% at the checkout to get ten percent off your total. You can buy both eBooks and paperbacks at BSB store.

Happy reading!

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