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Introducing… Summer Loving a collection of short summer stories from some of the hottest names

Last September, in between a trip to Sweden and a late-summer cruise, I was feeling particularly summery. It had been a wonderful few months and I didn’t want summer to end, especially as I was painfully aware that October was on the way and that effectively meant the end of bright, warm days in England.

I decided to make summer last a little bit longer by working on a project throughout the winter months. I sent a few emails and before long I had eight fantastic WLW authors keen to join me for the ultimate summer project.

Lise Gold, KC Luck, Aurora Rey, Emma Sterner-Radley, Cara Malone, Erin Zak, TB Markinson, and Claire Highton-Stevenson all kindly agreed to join me and contribute to this exciting upcoming release.

I’m very pleased to introduce Summer Loving, a collection of nine short stories with a summer feel. Summer Loving will be released on Amazon, and enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, on June 1st and will be available until the end of September. It’s available for preorder right now so grab a copy today so it is automatically sent to you on June 1st!

These short stories are bound to get you in the mood for summer, as well as help take your mind off of any enormous worldwide issue that might be weighing you down right now…


(No longer on sale)

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