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Sapphic Authors Paying It Forward

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I’ve had to make the decision to not travel to the GCLS Conference later in the year. However, in the spirit of community, I wanted to do something with the funds I would have spent on getting to GCLS (airfare, hotels, conference costs).

I banded together with my wife Emma Sterner-Radley, and two fantastic independent authors, Claire Highton-Stevenson and Melissa Tereze to create a fund specifically for helping sapphic authors who are struggling because of the current Coronavirus crisis.

This morning I made a payment to a fellow author who is in a tricky situation due to COVID-19 because Claire, Melissa, Emma, and I all think that paying it forward is important. Now more than ever. I strongly believe that we are a community and a community sticks together when things are tough, as they are right now.

So, please stay safe, wash your hands, and pay it forward if and when you can afford to do so.

We’re stronger together.

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