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SCLHO postponed and other event news!

We live in uncertain times.

Will Disney+ launch early in the UK? (Doubt it, bastards.) Will there be any milk in the supermarket on Monday? (Probably not.) Will I go insane next week when the kids are kept home from school and my normally quiet office will be surrounded by noisy neighbour kids? (Yes, completely insane.)

But in between all these questions, there is some certainty: South Coast Lesfic Hang Out has been postponed until 12th September. This is good news for anyone who was a little worried about the current travel/financial/health situation.

Obviously, all kinds of events are likely to be cancelled or postponed over the coming days and weeks so keep an eye out for more information, or check out my events page to be certain about what is happening and when.

Also, I recently heard from someone who was making preparations for a book event later in the year, they were in the process of booking their hotel and said they were looking forward to meeting me!

Which is lovely, but I won’t be there. They assumed that I would and had heard from someone else that I would be there.

So, to clarify, the full list of events I am attending is on my events page, if it isn’t listed then I’ve not confirmed my attendance.

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