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The history of Ice Cream (Wars)

Well, if you attended ELLCon in 2018 then you may have witnessed the moment in person.

One of my panels was about tropes in publishing, which suited me perfectly because I’m a big fan of using tropes in my work.

The panel was hosted by the lovely Clare Lydon and while I was talking about a beloved trope of mine, ice queens, Clare chuckled and said that she’d misheard me and thought I’d said “ice cream”.

We had a joke about this, saying that the ice queen working with ice cream would work just as well. After the panel, I spoke with some readers who said they’d love to see a story that included both ice cream and an ice queen.

A few months later, Emma and I were talking about possibly writing together and we decided to go with the theme. A basic outline later and Ice Cream Wars was born.

The Blurb

Cherry Hawkins has always loved ice cream. After scraping together enough money, and applying for the correct permit, she has set up her new ice cream trike in the affluent market town of Wilmsford.

Unfortunately, her permit-approved spot puts her right outside the Gelato Parlour. Owned by Juliana Martin-Sinclair, the meticulous woman who puts the ice into ice queen.

What will happen when these two very different ice cream aficionados collide?

Find out soon when Ice Cream Wars hits the shelves!

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