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We’re working to offset our carbon footprint

Climate Change. It’s a phrase on everyone’s lips lately. You don’t have to be a scientist to know that the world is changing and that we all need to adapt to help stop the damage our day-to-day lives cause when it comes to the environment.

Due to family located around the world, business commitments, and general adventures, my wife and I travel a lot. We have always offset our carbon emissions for each journey we take where it has been possible to do so.

Now we’re taking that one step further and we’re working with Offset Earth to increase the amount of carbon offsetting we do and to be more transparent about our carbon offsetting.

You’ll be able to see on my website (on this post or on my sidebar), and over at our Offset Earth profile page, how many trees we have planted, how much carbon we have offset, and which projects we are helping to support. You’ll also be able to help us grow our forest by gifting trees to us if you want to help out or even open up your own Offset Earth account.

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