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Introducing Going Up the mobile game

I’ve been keeping a secret for several months, but I’m now finally able to share some very exciting news with you.

My best-selling summer hit, Going Up, has been made into a mobile game—something which I believe is a first for our genre. I was approached by the developers of Moments: Choose Your Story as they were interested in creating a woman loving woman narrative for their virtual novel series of interactive games. In the game, you get to play the role of Kate and follow her on her journey throughout the Going Up storyline.

As anyone who has played these games will know, it’s almost impossible to find one that represents the LGBT community, and especially difficult to find a WLW version. So, when I was asked about Going Up, I was thrilled to accept. While the game has major differences from the book, you’ll recognise a lot of the dialogue and, of course, the themes and overall storyline. I’m very happy to put more much-needed F/F content out into the world and help to highlight our wonderful genre.

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