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Praise for The Road Ahead

The Road Ahead has been out for almost three weeks and, incredibly, at the top of the lesbian romance chart for almost two weeks. I’m so glad that people are enjoying the story because it’s not your typical F/F romance tale. Sure, it has a lot of the common threads including the snooty ice queen who needs to be defrosted and the sweet romance that can only come when built slowly between the two leads.

But The Road Ahead is more than that. It’s a story about how to find happiness, and how to change the direction of your life when you realise that you may be heading towards something that isn’t everything you’d hope it might be. It’s a story about self-discovery and meeting new people who give you a new insight on life. It’s about breaking down walls and seeing things from another perspective.

The Road Ahead has already received some truly wonderful reviews, such as;

Another awesome story by Radley. The chemistry she builds between Rebecca and Arabella from their initial uncomfortable encounter to their agreed driving companionship to unexpected friendship. This was such a fun, entertaining story, with great character depth, and brilliant dialogue. Even though I have never been to Europe, I found I could visualize the scenery along their route from Portugal to England, even squinting because of the fog. I could imagine the dampness in the air and smell the trees, grass, and moss. Her descriptions of the suits that Arabella wore, provided an additional aspect of her personality. I cannot wait to see what the future might bring to Rebecca and Arabella.


This delightful story made me laugh out loud and it also touched my heart. Arabella and Rebecca lead very different lives and these strong-willed women have made me fall head over heels in love with them! I can’t choose between the two of them so I will just have to love them! The author gave me such a vivid description of the various landscapes the women saw as they made their long journey home to England. After reading this book I think I’ve been bitten by the wanderlust bug because I would love to see all of these breathtaking places myself!!! This story had me reading long into the night and I enjoyed every word of this story. If you enjoy stories with long car rides, touching events and a humorous moment or two, well this is definitely a story for you!!!

The Road Ahead is a heartwarming WLW romance that will guide the reader on a journey across Western Europe and beyond. It’s also the first part in Arabella and Rebecca’s journey with the next part, The Big Uneasy, coming in October. Pick up your copy today.

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